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Peer Mediation

What is peer mediation?

Peer Mediation is a program that offers a way to resolve conflicts peacefully by discussing the problem, with the help of a third, neutral party (the Peer Mediator).  Peer Mediation is a valid way to resolve a conflict in a mature way that promotes non-violence in schools and communities. The students having the conflict are the ones who decide how they want to resolve it peacefully.


Why the need for peer mediation?

          Culture is everything in a school community, having an avenue to vent and      

          resolve conflicts it is critical to academic success. Many disputes in school

          begin over a small misunderstanding or miscommunication, which can be

          easily resolved if people are willing to talk about the issue. The purpose for

          student-led medis is to promote growth and learn alternative ways to

          handle conflicts in everyday life.  Also, students will learn strategies from  

          their peers that they can teach younger siblings and family members.


If you are interested in joining peer mediation, reach out to Mr. Maisonet!