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The BCA Academic Advantage

Advanced Placement

At BCA we take pride in challenging our students and offering them the most advanced courses possible. Advanced Placement (AP) Courses are college-level courses that are taught in high school. Successful completion of AP courses allow students to earn college credit and exemption from taking the courses in college. BCA offers the following AP courses:



-English Language

-English Literature

-Human Geo

-US History & Govt




College Now

BCA students take courses at Lehman College, Hostos Community College and Bronx Community College as early as their sophomore year. They can choose from a variety of courses such as Sociology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Pre-Calculus, and Writing. Through these partnerships, BCA students can earn up to 15 college credits, equivalent to a full semester.


Internship Program

Our 11th/12th graders participate in a paid internship program. The internship program gives students the opportunity to acquire new job skills, gain firsthand knowledge of work culture and develop focused career goals. In order to participate in the internship program each student is required to attend workshops that focus on career development. Resume writing, professionalism, and interview skills are just a few of the topics that are discussed. Internship experiences include animal shelters, hospitals, schools as well as corporate offices.