Good afternoon students and families,
Here's a brief summary of some of the upcoming events @ B.C.A.
Report Cards on Wednesday
The end of the first marking period was Friday, October 8th.  Report cards will be processed and sent to families via email by Thursday, October 14th.  Parents, please fill out your contact information using the 'Blue Card' link below.  A printed copy will also be mailed to families.  Families can find the contact information for each teacher/staff member on our website.
Morning tutoring will be available for all classes from  8:25am - 8:45am on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning October 14th.   Some students will be mandated to attend.  The after-school tutoring schedule will be sent later this week.
Contact Information
It's imperative that we have updated contact information for all students.  If you haven't done so already, please fill out the digital 'Blue Card.'
English 'Blue Card' Parent Contact
Spanish  'Blue Card' Parent Contact
After-School Activities begin this Wednesday.
Later this week we will send out the menu of activities including afternoon tutoring.  All activities will end around 5:00pm.  Many of the activities such as dance and intramural sports will require vaccination and parent consent.  Please be on the look-out for the consent forms.
School-Wide Field Trips:    November - Chelsea Piers
One of this year's goals is to resume field trips.  Although we won't be able to participate in some of our annual events like the International Exchange trip to Amsterdam and Six Flags Fright-Fest, we have scheduled some local trips to help sustain our strong community at BCA.   The first trip is to Chelsea Piers in November.  Students must be VACCINATED and in GOOD STANDING (Good Standing = Attends all classes regularly and respectful to everyone in the community).  9th/11th graders are scheduled for Wednesday, November 3rd.  10th/12th graders on Thursday, November 4th.   To be eligible families must:
  1. Complete the Trip Consent Form by Friday, Oct. 15th.  See link below.
  2. Complete the Blue Card Parent Contact Form by Friday, Oct. 15th.  (if you haven't done so yet).  Both English and Spanish links are provided below.
  3. Meet the vaccination and good standing requirements.
  4. Email a picture of your vaccination card to Ms. Moellinger by Friday, Oct 22nd.     [email protected]
  5. Submit $2 trip fee to Ms. Marlene (9th/11th) and Ms. Alexa (10th/12th) by Friday, Oct. 22nd
Chelsea Piers Consent Form
English 'Blue Card' Parent Contact
Spanish  'Blue Card' Parent Contact

****We also have a trip scheduled for this Thursday to the Area 53 Laser Tag facility for our Few Good Men and possibly our Girls Club..  Please speak with Mr. Heyliger or Ms. Ervin.   
Although we are off to a wonderful start  we are always looking for ways to improve and better serve our students and families.  Please continue to reach out.  We appreciate the feedback.
Have a good evening,
Darryl White
Bronx Collegiate Academy (B.C.A.)