BCA Podcast Auditions!

The podcast will be broken down into 4 segments: 
1 Fashion: Do's and Don'ts of the fashion world. "Drip Tips"
2. Sports: Recap of the games...and the tea of the industry (Who's being traded or a free agent).
3. Social Media: What's hot in the world...which TikTok is poppin ', and is Gorilla Glue girl doing good?
4. Spotlight: Show Time, Show time...this segment will spotlight an individual in the BCA Community and acknowledge the wonderful things they are doing. 
SOOOOO...I need BCA students to audition to be co-host of the podcast. I need 3 students, one for Fashion, sports, and social media.
 If you are interested please send me a video of you dishing the tea!! And this is a PAID JOB!!